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The PXT is a total person assessment that is given to candidates to evaluate job match and given to employees for coaching and correct job placement. An individual’s results are compared to a custom pattern we create for the position. The results show challenge areas and give a job match percentage. Assessments should only be used for 1/3 of the hiring process.
Some of the reports available with the PXT include:
»Total Person Interview Guide written in plain language
»Candidate Matching
»Succession Planning
»Individual Report
Do you recognize these challenges?
High employee turnover
Lack of interview skills
Poor job fit
High recruiting costs
Ineffective hiring process
People don’t trust their managers
Poor communication
Ineffective delegation
Poor relationships affecting productivity
Why use assessments?
  • Assessments from Profiles International are validated to be non discrimatory for all protected classes.
  • Reduce your hiring costs
  • Find out what coaching challenges you will have
  • Improve your hiring process – the PXT includes targeted interview questions
  • Learn what makes your top performers tick so you can retain them
  • Improve communication
  • Build better teams
  • Help people understand themselves and their colleagues
  • More effective management
  • Identify professional development opportunities

Assessment Solutions

  • Profile XT – total person assessment
  • Step One Survey – gives a read on a candidates honesty, reliability, ethics and attitudes about substance abuse
  • Profiles Performance Indicator – Personality assessment
  • Profile Sales Assessment – evaluates job fit in key sales areas
  • Team Reports – build well balanced, effective teams
  • Checkpoint – Management 360 – identify development areas in core management competencies
  • Background checks – find out before you hire so your aren’t surprised
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