Management Training


Team Building
Delegation, communication, trust, relationships, time management! Managing people isn’t easy but ongoing training keeps supervisors up to date on the techniques that will work in today’s multi-generational workplace.
Everything rises and falls on leadership. John Maxwell defines leadership this way: “Leadership is influence.” When you tell someone what to do, where does your authority come from? If your answer is “because I’m the boss,” that’s typical. But it’s also the lowest level of leadership.
Employee engagement is having people emotionally invested in their work. When we improve relationships we improve productivity.The ultimate dysfunction is when people are seeking their own agenda rather than focusing on the goals of the team. We can help.

Social Media Marketing


Content Creation

We are living in an era where there is a fundamental change in the way that marketing is done. We’ve changed from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. Being on the first page of the search engine results can make or break a company. Even an extreme beginner can be effective with our social media coaching!
Using assessments can maximize the training experience. Easy to read business reports give real world practical coaching suggestions and often identify unseen areas where extra coaching would be helpful.
Customized training workbooks, videos, and MP3s to continue the training 24/7. Think of the impact your own customized training videos could have on making sure everyone is on the same page and continuing to improve.