If you have a position from middle management up to C-level or Board of Directors, The Partner Group has the discretion and contacts to be an effective resource for you.
Our areas of focus are industrial, packaging, manufacturing, and finance. We do not search in the healthcare or IT industries.
Eliminate bad surprises.
We recommend using assessments in your hiring process. We create a custom job match pattern and can then evaluate candidates to see if they have the qualities you are looking for.
Avoid the nightmare of hiring the wrong job fit.
Turnover is extremely costly – often costing up to 1/2 of a positions annual salary. And much of the cost of turnover can’t be calculated in dollars. Low morale, customer service transitions, additional training, change in company culture… it all adds up to the conclusion that it’s worth it to invest time and resources at the beginning of the search rather than clean up the mess from a wrong hire.